The National Centre for Craft and Design – ‘Art Club Take 2’ Exhibition                          

January 2021 –February 2021


Circle Foundation for the Arts 

Themed Contest - ‘Art in the time of Coronavirus and Social Distancing Honourable Mention                 October – November 2020

Biafarin Online Exhibition –Fall 2020                                                                        

December 2020 – January 2021

Bath Society of Artists - online Bath Open Art Exhibition                                            

November 2020 – January 2021 

Marizart Internationale Galerie, Hamburg, Germany, group exhibition                                    

October – February 2021


The National Centre for Craft and Design -  group show                                                                  

August – September 2020


Circle Foundation Art, UK, (on line)                                                                                            May 2020


PAKS Gallery, Munich - Contemporary Art Palette in Munich                                            

September - December 2019


Holland Arts Centre. Lincolnshire, UK,                                                                                         June 2019


PAKS Gallery, Zeitgenossische Kunst in Wien, Austria                                                                      January – April 2019


Miami Art Expo – International Art Fair                                                                                       June 2015


West Middlesex University Hospital - Opening of Dementia Ward 

Junior School Artwork                                                                                                          

February - March 2014


Embassy of the Republic of Croatia – ‘Isle of Gold’  Group exhibition                                                January 2008


Mall Galleries, St. James's, London, UK , Group exhibition                                                               1988


Smith’s Art Gallery, London, UK, Group exhibition                                                                         1986 


Greenwich Art Gallery, UK