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Professional Summary

A pivotal period in my art career came unexpectedly whilst living on a small island off Dubrovnik, Croatia, where I felt like I had stepped off the treadmill of city life having lived and worked in London most of my life. I was able to enjoy the ever shifting light on the sea and watch storms approach from the mainland, and listen to cicadas whilst drawing in the summer heat. The abundant natural forms and scenery around our house up on the hill were the inspiration for my collection of pen and black ink line drawings which have become an integral part of the schema of my work. 


As a trained printmaker I work backwards in my pictures, seeing images as layers of shapes, textures, colours and patterns. My ink drawing landscapes often start as line drawings that force me to be highly selective in my choice of shapes. These landscapes often start from the bottom of the page, creating distinct positive and negative shapes. This process has encouraged me to see the micro rather than the macro.


My current series of works include references to mechanical parts and technology to create another type of micro-world that fuse my love of Sci-fi and Medieval Art. I continue to be fascinated with fine details within my work that is intricate, time consuming and filled with a multitude of hues and layers of patterning that all require close inspection.  

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