Observica - Special Edition 2020 - issue 09

February 2021


Promethus Dreaming Publication- Featured Artist

A digital literary journal dedicated to publishing poetry and prose for the modern world.                      

February 2021 

Circle Foundation for the Arts 

Themed Contest - ‘Art in the time of Coronavirus and Social Distancing Honourable Mention                 October – November 2020


Bath Life Magazine                                                                                                                  

Winter Edition2020 

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine - ‘Trends in Art'                                                                      February 2021

Circle Foundation for the Arts – Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine                                               

October 2020 

Aesthetica  Artists’ Directory                                                                                                       

October 2020

Private and published work in: Australia, Austria, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, United Kingdom, United States